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Austrian citizens have the right to look for work in any EU member state and, following their search, to decide whether they wish to stay in their adopted country as expatriates. The specific requirements for individual countries are set out on the "Europa für Sie" (Europe for You) portal. Alternatively, you can request further details by contacting the authorities of the country in which you wish to work.


If you can't find the information you need on Europa für Sie (see the section on Arbeit und Ruhestand - work and retirement), you can contact EUROPA DIREKT free of charge on 00800/67 89 10 11 or online at the Citizens Signpost Service. The experts from the Citizens Signpost Service will answer your questions related to the mobility of labour within the single market free of charge within one week.

You will be granted a period of six months to find work in another country within the single market. Once the six-month period has elapsed, the authorities in the country concerned cannot demand you return to Austria provided that you can produce credible evidence of having looked for work or have a realistic prospect of finding a job (for example, if you have arranged an interview for a job).

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Looking for work via Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS) Österreich

The Austrian Labour Market Service (AMS)  provides a comprehensive range of services for people looking for jobs elsewhere in Europe. Alternatively, you can use the AMS "eJobRoom" to find a job abroad.

You can also contact AMS for any questions on working in the EU and your right to unemployment benefit.

Online advice portal and calculator

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EURES – Finding a job in the EU/EEA

EURES is a network of services run jointly by the European Commission, the bodies administering the labour market in individual EU member states and other organisations providing services connected to the jobs market. EURES is designed to encourage cross-border mobility within the EU/EEA labour market, and employs a network of about 1,000 advisers across the EEA and Switzerland. The EURES online application tool is a quick way to submit professional applications for jobs all over the EU/EEA. The EURES portal also provides information about the labour market and living conditions for people working abroad, as well as details of transitional freedom of movement arrangements for employees in all EU/EEA member states.


You can find information on a variety of important issues, including finding accommodation, schools, taxes, living costs and healthcare, in the "About living & working" section of the EURES website.

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Labour market services/job centres on the Internet

The following countries provide information about their labour market/job openings on the Internet

The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020. A transitional period has been agreed until 31 December 2020. No major changes affecting access to the labour market are expected during this period. You can find more information about Brexit and what it means for you on the Federal Chancellery's webpages.

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