De-registering from Austria

General information

If you are leaving Austria and giving up your place of residence in the country, you must de-register your main residence within three days after you move out. To do this, you must contact the same registration authority German text  where you originally registered. You must de-register in the municipality/local council area responsible for your main residence. You can de-register from an address in Vienna at any Vienna registration office, regardless of whether it is in the same district as your residence.


When you de-register, you will need to give the relevant authority your new address. If you don't know the exact address at the time you de-register, you can give your destination country (for example, the UK).

If you are leaving the country but keeping hold of your place of residence in Austria, you should also report any additional places of residence to the relevant authority. This will ensure that any important correspondence can be forwarded to you. It is also recommended to arrange for your mail to be redirected or use a PO box. If your permanent address overseas will only be determined after you arrive in the country concerned, it is recommended that you contact your nearest Austrian diplomatic representation (embassy, consulate general or honorary consulate) to report your address, and any subsequent addresses to which you may move overseas. Alternatively, you can also register your address online.

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You can find more information about what you must and should do when moving house or emigrating on the relocation page, or on the "Austrian expatriates-Website (→ BMEIA)German text" under "moving abroad (→ BMEIA)German text".

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