Manage my ID Austria


Whenever you access services outside of the domain, you will be directed to A-Trust, which provides signature systems for the ID Austria project.

I have forgotten my login details or lost my device

At the moment, if you forget your signature password, you will need to re-register for ID Austria.

Prerequisite: You know your ID Austria user name and have a second authentication factor (e.g. active login in the app "Digitales Amt" or "Handy-Signatur", FIDO security key or SMS TAN).

Hint: If you do not have a second authentication factor, the password cannot be reset. In that case, you must register a new ID Austria.
If you forget your username, but have stored your mobile phone number in the system, you can recover your username by entering your mobile phone number and your signature password.

If you have not stored your mobile phone number in the system, please contact A-Trust technical support.
If you have lost your mobile phone and your mobile phone number is not stored on the system (for example if you have changed your number or you have opted out), and if you do not have another way of authenticating your account (such as being logged in to the "Digitales Amt" (Digital Office) app associated with your ID Austria account), the system currently requires you to re-register for ID Austria.
If you have lost your mobile phone but your phone number is stored on the system, and if you have access to SMS messages sent to this device, you can request a TAN number by entering your user name/mobile phone number and signature password. This will allow you to associate a new device with your ID Austria account.

Associated devices and apps

You can log out of your ID Austria account on all activated mobile devices simultaneously using the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) app. This feature can be useful if you have lost a device whose details are stored in the Digitales Amt app. Provided your mobile phone number is stored on the system (and you can access text messages sent to the phone), or if you have another way of authenticating your account, you can log in again at any time.
You can associate an additional smartphone with your account by logging on to the Digitales Amt app with your ID Austria account. To register a second device, simply complete the process from a second device.
You can use your ID Austria account to link a FIDO security key as an extra authentication factor for your account. To do so, you need to log in with your user name/mobile telephone number, and have access to a second way of authenticating your account, such as being logged into the Digitales Amt app, having another device that is already associated with your ID Austria account, or using a mobile phone number already stored on the system.

More information about FIDO security keys and FIDO2

Signature cards

Citizen cards (signature cards with a personal link) can be converted into an ID Austria. After successful verification of the passport/ID card number, an ID Austria with full function will be issued, otherwise an ID Austria with basic function.
Signature cards that are not yet assigned to an ID Austria can be added as a 2nd authentication factor to an existing ID Austria.
When renewing a signature card or receiving a replacement card, you can activate this as the 2nd authentication factor.

Managing your account

If you know your current signature password and your username/mobile phone number, you can change your signature password here.
You can check the certificate for your Austria ID signature and view your name, date of birth, username/mobile phone number and certificate type (whether you are using the basic or the full version of Austria ID), as well as the serial number and expiry date of the certificate.
If you are an Austria citizen, you can extend your ID Austria account online.

Your ID is valid for five years after it is issued by the relevant government office. When a user switches from a mobile phone signature to an ID Austria account, the time remaining on their existing mobile phone signature certificate is transferred to the ID Austria account. Basic ID Austria accounts (as opposed to fully-functional accounts) cannot be extended. Find out more
You can use this feature to store a (new) mobile phone number. You can then use this number for SMS-TAN authentication.

There are a few things you need to know about this feature: It is only available if your ID Austria account has been officially registered by a government office. It will not work if you switched from a mobile phone signature without registering the new account. Supported ID Austria accounts will have usernames with at least one letter in them.  

This feature will not work if you ID Austria account was created as a result of switching from a mobile phone signature. For these accounts, your mobile phone number doubles as your username, and you can only change your mobile phone number by re-registering your ID Austria account. We are still working on an online system to make this process easier.
As the holder of an ID Austria with full function, you can create another ID Austria account. This has its own user ID and certificate. This makes it possible, for example, to separate private and professional use.
You can temporarily block your ID Austria account, or opt out of the scheme permanently, using A-Trust's opt-out service (Widerrufsdienst), which provides the signature system for ID Austria.

Privacy and data protection

The ID Austria service is provided and delivered on the basis of the Austrian e-Government Act (e-Government-Gesetz) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For more information about the way data is processed, please contact the Digitales Amt (Digital Office) customer service hotline. You can also revoke consent you have already given by contacting this number.

Every time you log in to a government service (e.g. FinanzOnline, etc.) using your ID Austria account and the "Digitales Amt" (Digital Office) app, you will be asked whether you give the service provider your permission for your data to be transmitted to the service provider and re-used for future log-ins. You can use this feature to revoke all such consent.
A transparent chronological list of your ID Austria use during the last 365 days. This gives you a complete overview of which personal data was processed and when.