Registering abroad

General information

You will need your confirmation of de-registration (Abmeldebestätigung) for your previous Austrian address in order to register as a resident outside Austria. Citizenship offices, local administrations and citizens' bureaux in your country of residence will be able to issue you with proof of residence/registration if you are registered as a resident in that country.

For further information and recommended action to take when de-registering as an Austrian resident, see the pages on moving house.

Required documents

As a minimum, you will need:

  • Official photographic ID
  • Confirmation of de-registration in Austria
  • Confirmation of registration as a resident in your new home abroad

If you will be staying abroad for a prolonged period, it is recommended that you contact your nearest Austrian diplomatic representation (embassy, consulate-general or honorary consulate) to ensure they have a record of your current address and any changes of address. Alternatively, you can also register with the Austrian representation concerned online.

Further information

Registration requirements for individuals liable for national serviceAustrian citizens who are required to perform national service, and who will be abroad for more than six months, must report their current address to the relevant Austrian diplomatic representation immediately. This requirement does not apply to individuals liable for national service who have been certified as permanently unfit to perform national service, or who have completed their basic training and have been transferred to the reserve.

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