Intergovernmental social welfare

"Social security" is a catch-all term covering provision for health insurance, insurance against accidents at work, pensions, unemployment benefit and family allowances. Austria has signed a number of international agreements across all these areas, either bilaterally or under EU law. These agreements provide a high level of protection for Austrians abroad. To ensure you are aware of your rights, the fundamental principles of these arrangements (from which individual entitlements to benefit can be derived) are set out below:

  • Equal treatment in the area of social security provision
  • All accumulated insured periods must be taken into account
  • Pension entitlements derive from the period over which you are insured/contributing to a pension scheme
  • Accidents at work or work-related illness must be taken into account
  • Cash benefits can be exported in order to pay claimants abroad
  • Treatment related to medical/accident insurance must be funded by the insurer abroad

These basic principles have been incorporated into applicable laws as required.

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Last update: 20 January 2023

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