Transferring a vehicle to an EU country other than Austria

General information

If a vehicle is to be transferred from Austria to another EU country, it must be equipped with number plates and be insured. The following options are available:

  • Austrian transfer plates
    Austrian transfer plates can be applied for in Austria. When importing a vehicle from Austria into another EU country, the Austrian dealer is usually responsible for providing these plates. These are issued for a maximum period of 21 days. Insurance must be taken out for this period with an Austrian insurance company. More detailed information can be obtained from the Austrian Association of Insurers.
  • Standard foreign number plates/standard foreign transfer plates (registration abroad) or standard Austrian number plates (registration in Austria prior to transfer)
  • Vehicle transported on a trailer or towed with a tow rope

As the EU is a Customs Union, no customs duties are payable when importing vehicles (e.g. cars or motorcycles) from other EU countries.

Further information

If you wish to transfer a vehicle with Austrian number plates to another EU country, you must deregister it yourself after the transfer by contacting the Austrian registration authority and returning the number plates to the latter.
The security deposit for the transfer plates will be reimbursed if they are returned within one year.


When transferring a vehicle to Germany, the German registration authority will return the vehicle documentation and number plates to the Austrian authority that last registered the vehicle. The vehicle will then be automatically deregistered in Austria. This is due to a bilateral agreement between Austria and Germany. There are no other agreements of this kind with other countries.

When importing a vehicle into an EU country other than Austria, the vehicle must be registered with the registration authority there, which will take custody of the previous Austrian number plates. This will mean the vehicle is now registered twice. As a result, the buyer must then deregister the vehicle with the Austrian registration authority (in the federal province in which the dealer is located). Once the buyer is no longer in possession of the original Austrian number plates, they must obtain confirmation from the registration authority in the other EU country that it has received the number plates and send this confirmation to the Austrian authorities.


Further information on the NOVAGerman text tax and to the engine-related insurance taxGerman text, as well as information about transfers abroad, can also be found on the Business Service Portal (USP).

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Austrian Association of Insurers (→ VVO)German text

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