Transfer plates

General information

It is possible to apply for transfer plates for temporary use of the following vehicles on public highways:

  • unregistered motor vehicles and trailers; or
  • registered motor vehicles and trailers:


In the case of own import of amotor vecicle of a motor vehicle, it is best to acquire foreign transfer plates for the purpose of transferring the vehicle, as transfer plates obtained in Austria may lead to problems abroad. Foreign transfer plates can usually be requested from the dealer abroad.


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.


You must take out vehicle insurance for the period in which you are using the transfer plates (maximum 21 days). This insurance is usually purchased when applying for the transfer plates.


The transfer plates are equipped with a validity sticker, and are valid for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 21 days.

Competent authority

Any registration office (→ VVO)German text within whose jurisdiction the applicant is currently residing (regardless of their usual place of residence)


Contact a registration office, providing the necessary documents. This can also be done by a third party on your behalf. To do so, you must issue a written proxy.

Required documents

  • Official photo ID of the applicant
  • Where applicable, confirmation of insurance with indication of its period of validity (maximum 21 days) if not purchased when applying for the transfer plates
  • Proof of ownership (e.g. purchase contract)
  • Type-approval certificate
    In the case of own import, the foreign vehicle document (e.g. vehicle registration certificate)
  • Latest inspection report for vehicles subject to regular inspection if a regular inspection has already become due and the inspection report has not yet been saved in the inspection sticker database
  • When using a proxy: proxy form if the transfer plates are not being applied for in person (e.g. by an insurance agent)

Costs and fees

  • Total: 203.40 Euro
    • Insurance administration fee: 60.80 Euro
    • Transfer journey fee: 83.60 Euro
    • Transfer plates: 23 Euro
    • Security deposit for the transfer plates: 36 Euro

The security deposit for the transfer plates will be reimbursed if the plates are returned within one year.

Further information

You can request an insurance quote from the registration office (→ VVO)German text of the competent insurance company.

Legal basis

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Last update: 22 May 2024

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