Transferring a vehicle to an EU country other than Austria

General information

If a vehicle is to be transferred from Austria to another EU country, it must be equipped with number plates and be insured. The following options are available:

  • Austrian transfer plates
    Austrian transfer plates can be applied for in Austria. When exporting a vehicle from Austria into another EU country, the Austrian dealer is usually responsible for providing these plates. These are issued for a maximum period of 21 days. Insurance must be taken out for this period with an Austrian insurance company. More detailed information can be obtained from the respective insurance company.
  • Standard foreign number plates/standard foreign transfer plates (registration abroad) or standard Austrian number plates (registration in Austria prior to transfer)
  • Vehicle transported on a trailer or towed with a tow rope

As the EU is a Customs Union, no customs duties are payable when importing vehicles (e.g. cars or motorcycles) from other EU countries.

Further information

If a vehicle with an Austrian license plate is to be registered in another country, it must first be deregistered in Austria. Registration in another country does not result in "automatic" deregistration of vehicles in Austria. Also a notification of the authorities of another country about the registration there does not result in an "automatic" deregistration in Austria. The deregistration in Austria must always take place first. The owner of the registration must carry out the deregistration; however, he/she can also be represented by a power of attorney.

The security deposit for the transfer plates will be reimbursed if they are returned within one year.


Only with Germany is there an agreement according to which, in the event of registration of a vehicle registered in the other contracting state, the vehicle is treated as deregistered in the other contracting state. 

If, however, registration has previously been applied for in another country and the Austrian registration certificate and license plates have been handed in, these cannot be presented as intended when deregistering in Austria. In this case, a declaration and proof of registration abroad and submission of plates or registration certificate can be submitted instead. In this case, too, deregistration must be carried out by the owner of the registration and representation is possible with a power of attorney.


Further information on the NOVA tax and to the engine-related insurance tax, as well as information about transfers abroad, can also be found on the Business Service Portal (USP).

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