Unemployment allowance - notification to the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS)

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Certain circumstances occurring during the job search must be reported to the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS). Reports can be submitted electronically (e.g. via the eAMS account), by telephone, in writing, or in person.


People seeking work


The following circumstances must be reported to the AMS without delay and in any case within one week of the event occurring:

  • Changes in financial circumstances
  • Relocation
  • Time spent abroad
  • Time off sick and hospitalisation
  • Any change of significance for further eligibility and the amount claimed.

During time spent abroad no unemployment allowance is generally payable (‘suspension’). However, under certain circumstances, a claimant may be approved to draw unemployment allowance at the same time. More detailed information under the heading ‘Unemployment allowance - suspension’ can also be found at oesterreich.gv.at.


Anyone who has started a new job must report this immediately to the AMS. This also applies for people in in marginal employment.

Anyone failing to meet the AMS control notification deadline will lose the right to draw benefits from that day to the date on which they personally report in again. Under certain circumstances, this will shorten the unemployment allowance eligibility period.

Competent authority



For notice to the AMS  of deregistration for a person starting new work or for another reason (e.g. time off sick or time spent abroad), an online service is available.

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Further information

Anyone receiving compensation from one or more sources of work which taken together does not exceed the marginal employment threshold is still considered unemployed and, provided they meet the requirements, is entitled to unemployment allowance.

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