EU photocard driving licence – how to apply

General information


The following procedure also applies to the conversion of a valid paper licence into an EU photocard driving licence.

It is not mandatory to exchange a valid paper licence for an EU photocard licence, but you may do so voluntarily. However, paper licences without an expiry date will remain valid only until 19 January 2033.

General information about the EU photocard driving licence can also be found at


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.

Competent authority


In the case of State Police Departments, it is recommended to make an appointment online if you have to go to the authorities.

Any driving licence authority in Austria:


If you wish to convert your old driving licence, you have the following options:

  • Hand in your old licence
    Your old licence is handed in to the driving licence authority and you receive a temporary licence. You pay the fee directly to the authority, and your new licence will be sent to you by standard post within five to ten days.
  • Keep your old licence
    You pay the fee directly to the driving licence authority, and your new licence will be ready to pick up from there within five to ten days. When you pick up your new licence, you will hand in your old one.

The temporary licence will contain all of the information found on a full driving licence (personal data and driving licence categories, as well as any time limits, restrictions or conditions).

The temporary driving licence is only valid:

  • for a maximum of four weeks from the date of issue (period cannot be extended);
  • in conjunction with an aofficial photo ID card:
  • within Austria.

Once the new driving licence has been issued, the temporary driving licence will no longer be valid. However, it does not need to be returned to the authorities.

Required documents

  • Official photo ID
  • Old Austrian/foreign driving licence
  • One photo (portrait, 35 mm x 45 mm) in which the applicant is clearly recognisable (if possible in line with passport photo criteria
  • Where possible, confirmation of registration in the civil register (facilitates processing for the authority)
  • Where applicable,marriage certificate, divorce ruling or decree, or other official documents confirming your change of name
  • If your old licence is a foreign licence, you may be required to provide a translated extract from a driving licence from the issuing country (facilitates processing for the authority)

Upon request, the confirmation of registration can be obtained by the driving licence authority via a search in the Central Civil Register (ZMR).


When converting EU/EEA driving licences (whether voluntarily or due to expiry), the driving licence authority must submit a request to the issuing country in order to verify whether there is any reason why an Austrian licence should not be issued. It may take several weeks for this request to be processed.

Costs and fees

  • Issue: 49.50 Euro

Further information

If you obtained a category B licence before 19 January 2013, this also authorises you to drive three-wheeled vehicles with or without a light trailer. To ensure you retain this authorisation, when you apply for a duplicate licence (e.g. when converting a paper licence to an EU photocard licence) it will be issued not only for category B but also for category A, although a restriction will be entered in the form of codes 79.03 and 79.04.


This restriction means that the licence does not cover all category A vehicles. Holders of this licence may not ride motorcycles.

Legal basis

sections 14 and 15 of the Führerscheingesetz (FSG)

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