Vignette for motor vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t

General information


From 1 December 2023, a 1-day vignette will be introduced, which will only be available as a digital vignette. Unlike the digital annual vignette and the digital 2-month vignette, the 1-day and 10-day vignette can now also be purchased online from 1 December 2023 with an immediate start of validity. Another new feature is that from December, the technically permissible maximum laden mass (tpmlm) will be used instead of the maximum permissible weight (mpw) to determine the difference between vignette and mileage-based tolls.


The new Digital Vignette 2024 is available in the ASFINAG Mautshop and in the free ASFINAG app. In addition, the digital vignette will also be available at the six toll stations,ÖAMTC, ARBÖ and ADAC as well as at selected petrol stations and tobacconists. It is also available as an adhesive vignette from the → ASFINAG sales partners. For digital annual vignettes and two-month vignettes purchased online in the ASFINAG toll store, the earliest possible start of validity is 18 days after purchase.


These rules apply to all persons participating in road traffic in Austria.

In order to use motorways and express roads, all vehicles with a technically permissible maximum laden mass (tpmlm), of up to 3.5 tonnes (e.g. motorcycles, passenger cars) must have a vignette. Motorcycles with side-cars and three-wheeled motor vehicles only require a special vignette for single-track motor vehicles. It is possible to purchase an annual vignette or alternatively a ten-day or two-month vignette or a 1-day vignette.

Drivers can choose between a vignette sticker or a digital vignette. Unlike the vignette sticker, the digital vignette is not registered to the vehicle, but to the licence plate number. In the case of the digital vignette, a re-registration can be carried out if the change your licence plate number changes after the start of validity, provided that the registration holder does not change. In addition, re-registration is also possible in some cases (e.g. newly assigned license plates due to total loss), provided that all requirements are met and the necessary proof is provided.

New: A digital annual vignette can be re-registered once after the start of its validity without giving reasons if the registration holder does not change.

One digital vignette can be used for up to three vehicles that are subject to use a vignette. If you are using transferable plates and have a digital vignette you no longer need an additional vignette for the second (or third) vehicle requiring a vignette.  Equally, if your car windscreen breaks and you have a digital vignette, you do not need to obtain a new vignette.

It is not possible to convert an already purchased vignette sticker into a digital vignette. Nor can a digital vignette be converted into a vignette sticker during its validity period. It will only be possible to change to a vignette sticker or a digital vignette as of the following year. Only if a replacement toll sticker is needed due to a broken windscreen, in this case you can also choose to change to a digital vignette instead.

On certain sections of the motor- and expressway network vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t have been exempt from the vignette requirement.

On particularly cost-intensive trans-Alpine crossing sections of the Austrian motorway and motor- and expressway network, separate tariffs (route tolls) apply instead of the vignette for motor vehicles up to 3.5 t maximum permissible gross weight. For more information about the route toll for motor vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t, visit



A transitional regulation stipulates that vehicles with a technically permissible gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 t, for which a maximum permissible weight (mpw) of up to and including 3.5 t was specified before December 1, 2023, are still subject to the vignette obligation until January 31, 2029. However, if the timely determination of a maximum permissible gross vehicle weight up to and including 3.5 t is canceled at a later date, the vehicle in question will be subject to the mileage-based toll ("GO toll") from this date.

Drivers of vehicles with a  technically permissible maximum laden mass of up to 3.5 t (e.g. motorcycles, passenger vehicles)


The annual vignette is valid for one calendar year. However, it may also be used from 1 December of the previous year and until 31 January of the following year.

The annual vignette 2024 is therefore valid from 1 December 2023 to 31 January 2025. It is available as an adhesive vignette in the colour "sun yellow" at the end of November 2023. 

Competent authority

Motorway and Express Road Financing Corporation (ASFINAG) – the operative tasks carried out by the company ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH.


The vignette is available either:

  • vignette sticker
  • digitale vignette

Vignette sticker

The vignette sticker is available at the ASFINAG toll stations or at → ASFINAG distributors:

  • News agents
  • ARBÖ
  • Forstinger
  • A.T.U.
  • ADAC

Digital vignette

The digitale vignette is online available:

Bying the digital annual vignette you can activate an Abo service (→ ASFINAG). With a subscription, the validity of an annual vignette is automatically extended.

The digital vignette is also available at certain sales points:

  • at ASFINAG toll stations
  • at ASFINAG vending machines
  • ARBÖ
  • ADAC
  • And at some petrol stations und news agents

To purchase a Digital Vignette in the ASFINAG toll shop or via the ASFINAG app, the following must be provided:

  • Registration number of the motor vehicle
  • State of registration
  • e-mail address
  • the data required for non-cash payment transactions (credit card, Paypal, amazon pay, eps transfer or SEPA direct debit)

When purchasing a digital vignette, special attention should be paid to the correct entry/registration of the vehicle registration number, as motor vehicle drivers who use a route subject to the vignette with a motor vehicle whose registration number has not been correctly registered commit an administrative offence.

When purchasing a digital 10-day or 2-month toll sticker, it is also possible to specify a future validity start date within the toll sticker year. For short-term vignettes, 30 November of the current vignette year can be chosen as the last possible first validity start date, especially as new prices apply from 1 December.


If you buy a digital annual vignette or a 2-month vignette online (via the ASFINAG toll shop or using the ASFINAG app) as a consumer, it is the earliest start of validity after 18 days after the purchase. This is a result of legal provisions under consumer protection law on consumers’ right of withdrawal in the case of distance selling. If the digital vignette is purchased at a sales point, it is valid optionally immediately.

Costs and fees

The annual vignette 2024 (digital vignette or adhesive vignette) is valid since 1 December 2023. The sticker for the year 2024 has the colour "sun yellow" and is available from the end of November 2023.

The prices for the 2024 vignette (from 1 December 2023) are as follows:

  • Multi-track motor vehicles with a technically permissible maximum laden mass of up to 3.5 (e.g. passenger vehicles, small motorhomes, small vans):
    • Annual vignette: 96,40 Euro 
    • 2-month vignette: 28,90 Euro
    • 10-day vignette: 11,50 Euro
    • 1-day-vigette: 8,60 Euro
  • Single-track motor vehicles (e.g. motorcycles, motorcycles with side-cars, three-wheeled motor vehicles):
    • Annual vignette: 38,50 Euro
    • 2-month vignette: 11,50 Euro 
    • 10-day vignette: 4,60 Euro  
    • 1-day-vignette: 3,40 Euro


People with disabilities who meet certain conditions will automatically receive a free annual digital vignette from ASFINAG for any multi-track vehicle registered to them. For more information about the vignette for people with disabilities, visit

Further information

The time-based toll (known as the Vignette) for motor vehicles with a total maximum weight of up to 3.5 tonnes is deemed to have been paid only if a valid toll sticker is properly displayed on the vehicle or if a digital vignette is registered on the licence plate number of the vehicle. The toll must be paid before the vehicle is used on the toll road network for which a Vignette is required. Purchasing a toll sticker retrospectively does not constitute a proper payment of the toll due. Similarly, it is not sufficient to carry a sticker with you without affixing it properly to the windscreen.

Any driver caught by ASFINAG's Service and Control personnel or automatic toll checks attempting to use a toll road without a valid sticker or without a properly displayed sticker will be requested to pay substitute toll. If this substitute toll is not paid, offenders will be liable to administrative penalties as set out in the Bundesstrassen-Mautgesetz 2002. These penalties range from 300 Euro to 3,000 Euro.

You can find out more about toll substitute toll and administrative penalties on the Service and Controls page of ASFINAG's Website.

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