Short-term car parking zones

A fee may be charged for parking multi-track vehicles in short-term parking zones (e.g. in the form of pay-and-display parking tickets). These fees are not part of the Austrian Highway Code (Strassenverkehrsordnung - StVO) - they are regulated under provincial legislation.

Certain streets, portions of streets or areas can be designated as short-term parking zones. These zones are indicated using the appropriate road signage and may also be highlighted by blue paint on the road. However, these markings are not required; it is sufficient to ensure that the relevant road signs are in place. If the short-term parking zone covers an entire area, the roads into the area concerned may also be marked with blue hatchings and the word "zone".

Holders of parking cards for people with disabilities in accordance with section 29b of the StVO can park in short-term parking zones without restrictions if they are driving their own car or being driven in someone else's vehicle. In most Austrian provinces, permit-holders can also park free of charge.

Legal basis 

sections 25 and 29b of the Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO)

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Last update: 21 May 2024

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