Lighting requirements

There is no general legal requirement to keep your lights on when driving in daylight. However, in poor visibility as a result of adverse weather such as rain, snow, fog, etc., as well as at dusk and in darkness, you must keep your lights on. Single-track vehicles (mopeds and motorbikes) must have their lights dipped or use daytime-running lights at all times.

If you wish to keep your lights on in daylight, you may do so voluntarily.

The following levels of lighting may be used when driving in daylight:

  • Daytime-running lights only (not in combination with dipped-beam, full-beam or fog lights)
  • Dipped-beam lights
  • Dipped-beam headlights only (without tailights)
  • Fog lights and dipped-beam headlights
  • Fog lights only

Legal basis

section 99 of the Kraftfahrgesetz (KFG)

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Last update: 22 May 2024

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