Registering dogs: the pet database and mandatory micro-chipping

All dogs kept in Austria must be identified and registered. All dog owners in Austria are required to arrange for their dogs to be micro-chipped and to ensure they are registered in the Pet Database for Dogs (Heimtierdatenbank für Hunde), which is operated by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection. The microchip is inserted by a vet, and the procedure must be paid for by the owner. Puppies must be registered by the time they are 12 weeks old. Other dogs must be registered within a month of being officially named, entering the country, or changing owners, and they must be registered before they move between owners for the first time.

The registration process and the procedures for identification and other data relevant to keeping animals are regulated by Austrian federal law.

You can find information on registering breeding cats in the pet database and mandatory micro-chipping on


Registration is mandatory. Please check the database to find out whether your dog has already been registered. You can register your dog yourself online using an active Citizen Card (Bürgerkarte).

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Section 24a of the Tierschutzgesetz

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Last update: 9 March 2022

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