Termination of pregnancy

Current information on deadlines for abortions, abortions in the event of a teenage pregnancy, the cost of abortions, etc.

In Austria, abortion is usually allowed within the first three months of pregnancy, following a consultation with a doctor.

Doctors can also terminate a pregnancy:

  • if there is a serious danger to the mental health, physical health or life of the pregnant woman;
  • if the child is expected to be born with severe mental or physical disabilities, or
  • if the woman was under 14 years of age when she became pregnant.

Doctors are not obliged to perform or assist in an abortion unless the abortion is required in order to save the pregnant woman's life. The same provisions apply to all staff working in legally regulated health professions.

Abortion in the event of a teenage pregnancy

From the age of 14, adolescents can give their own consent to an abortion. Consent from a legal guardian is not generally required. However, hospitals in some Austrian provinces do need this consent in order to comply with legal requirements. The consent of a legal guardian is also necessary if the adolescent is not legally capable of giving consent (for example as a result of a learning disability).

If the pregnant woman is under the age of 14, the consent of a parent or legal guardian is always required before an abortion can be performed. 

Costs and fees

The costs of an abortion are only covered under statutory health insurance if the abortion is necessary for medical reasons. 


The following agencies can provide advice on whether you should consider an abortion: 

  • Family advice centres
  • Women’s advice centres
  • Women’s health centres

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