Finding the right hospital

Finding the right hospital and the right services for my needs

Find the right hospital for your clinical needs. The hospital search platform (→ BMSGPK)German text offers high-quality, objective information to help you find the right clinic for you.


  • Patients and their relatives should be able to act on their own responsibility and prepare themselves as best they can for an upcoming hospital stay.
  • Patients and their relatives should be supported in their decision-making via an objective platform.
  • The platform is intended to provide inspiration and to encourage service providers to work even harder to resolve quality-related issues.

Alongside data on services and diagnoses that are subject to qualitative assessment (such as the number of cases treated), there is also a wealth of information available on individual hospitals, departments and outpatient clinics. New content is added to the platform at regular intervals.

Information on services and diagnoses

At present, content is available on all routine operations (e.g. hip replacements, gall bladder removals, cataract operation). Individual diagnoses are also included.

Depending on the topic, the following types of information may be available:

  • Comparative analysis of the number of cases treated (based on nationwide data)
  • Criteria about stays in hospital (e.g. length of stay, day surgery, surgical technology used)
  • General details about the hospital (e.g. whether patient surveys are carried out or whether a reporting system for hospital-acquired infections is in place)

Information on hospitals

In the "Hospitals" section, the following information is available to patients:

  • A summary of the hospital, including contact details, details of hospital management or visiting hours
  • Medical services
  • Departments
  • Hotels available
  • Obstetrics

Information on departments and outpatient clinics

The following information is available on departments and outpatient clinics:

  • Summary of department: Contact details, details of departmental management, visiting hours, beds, staff, specialist areas of expertise
  • Summary of outpatient clinic: Contact details, opening hours, specialist outpatient clinics


Kliniksuche (Clinic Search) is a project dating from the 2013 health reform (Zielsteuerung-Gesundheit). It arose from A-IQI (Austrian Inpatient Quality Indicators), a project to enable the quality of hospitals to be measured nationally according to standardised criteria. The A-IQI results have been published nationally in an annual report since 2013. Kliniksuche was launched in response to the need to make quality data accessible to the general public.

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