Getting married in Austria without a place of residence (‘tourist weddings’)

People can also get married in Austria if they do not have Austrian citizenship or a place of residence in Austria.

Legal validity of the marriage

Under Austrian law, a marriage comes into being in a legally valid form if it is concluded by means of a civil marriage ceremony. However, it should be verified whether there are stricter conditions governing marriages under the law of the country of origin in order to ensure that the marriage is also recognised in the country of origin. Information on this can be provided by the respective diplomatic representations in Austria (→ BMEIA)German text.

Same-sex marriage

In Austria, same-sex couples can also get married. Under Austrian law, if the law applicable in accordance with the personal status (generally the law in the country of nationality) does not permit one or both future spouses to marry on the basis of the sex of one or both of the future spouses, in accordance with Austrian law, the conditions for marriage must be assessed in accordance with the law of the country in which the marriage takes place. In the case of a marriage ceremony in Austria, that would be Austrian law. Please note: this marriage will not, however, automatically be legally recognised in all other countries.

Registering to get married

It is possible to register to get married at any registry office in Austria.

Whether there is a requirement for certification of the marriage certificate in international legal transactions (legalisation) or an Apostille – a simplified form of legalisation – will also depend on whether an agreement has been concluded between Austria and the respective country of origin on legal transactions involving documents taking place between the two states.


In Vienna, the department for tourist weddings must be contacted via if someone does not have a place of residence in Austria.

Foreign-language documents must be submitted

  • in an international format; or
  • with a translation into German by a court translator


The city of Salzburg also offers a special service for bridal couples from other countries. Anyone who does not have Austrian nationality or must provide evidence of their civil status abroad can also contact the city of Salzburg by telephone for information: +43 662 8072 – 3510.

In Salzburg, the original copy of foreign-language documents must be submitted together with a translation certified in Austria. If it is necessary to submit an original document in a foreign language together with a certified translation, as a general rule the translation may only be carried out by sworn and legally certified translators.

Further information about registering to get married in Austria can also be found at

Changing your name after marriage

In principle, the law relating to names is governed by the legal provisions in the country of nationality of the person concerned. It should also be checked whether the marriage in Austria needs to be reported to the diplomatic representation of the respective country of origin (→ BMEIA)German text.

Further information on changing your name after marriage, the legal implications of marriage – obligations in a marriage and marriage for international couples can also be found at

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