Application for a widow’s pension

General information

It is necessary to apply for a widow's/widower's pension. Information on the eligibility requirements can be found on the page entitled 'General information about the widow's/widower's pension'.




  • Death of spouse (‘insured event’)Tod der Ehepartnerin/des Ehepartners („Versicherungsfall”)
  • Bona fide marriage upon the death of the spouse
    Divorced spouses are also eligible if the deceased spouse had a legal duty to provide maintenance or was paying maintenance at the time of their death.
    If the deceased person was paying maintenance following a legal divorce without a court judgement, settlement or agreement, the divorced spouse is also eligible provided that the marriage lasted at least 10 years and there is evidence that maintenance was paid during the last year prior to the death of the deceased.
  • The deceased person meets a specific minimum number of accumulated insurance months (‘qualifying period’)


The qualifying period does not apply in the case of death caused by an accident at work, an occupational illness or an accident while serving in the armed forces.

Proven periods of schooling and study of the deceased insured person will also be taken into account for the waiting period without payment of contributions.


The widow's/widower's pension is payable from the day after the date of death of the deceased, provided that the application is submitted within six months of the death of the insured person.

If, upon expiry of the period of six months after the death of the insured person, the widow/widower is still a minor or their legal capacity is otherwise restricted, the period shall end six months after they reach the age of majority or six months after they regain legal capacity.

If the application is submitted later, the application date is also the pension commencement date.

Competent authority

The pension insurance institution responsible for determining the pension entitlement and for calculation and payment of the pension is determined based on the pension insurance (ASVG, GSVG, BSVG) applicable for the majority of the insurance months in the previous 15 years before the effective date. In so-called ‘migrant insurance’, the responsible pension insurance institution takes the insurance months accrued in other pension insurance schemes in the pension determination procedure.

If the deceased insured person has already drawn a pension, the pension insurance institution responsible is the one from which the pension was drawn.


In order to draw this pension, an application must be submitted. An informal written letter is also classed as an application. The form should then be submitted afterwards.

Required documents

  • Widow's/widower's pension – application form (also for use by surviving registered partners)
  • Proof of income of the deceased person
  • Proof of income of the widow/widower

Costs and fees

There are no charges payable.

Further information

Further links

Widow's/widower's pension (→ Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions)German text

Legal basis

Expert information

There is no expert information available.

Link to form

Widow's/widower's pension – applicationGerman text (also for use by surviving registered partners)

Authentication and signature

Electronically: registration using the ID Austria, the mobile signature system or the card-based system using your citizen card (only possible with the Austrian Pension Insurance Fund ( PVA).
In writing: informal letter (form to be submitted later)
In person: in this case, you should take with you the necessary documents, such as your birth certificate, birth certificates for your children, your residence registration form, your marriage certificate, where appropriate, and an identity document.

Means of redress or appeal

The insurance institution will make a decision on the pension application in an official notification. A complaint may be lodged with the competent Labour and Social Court within three months of delivery of the official notification.

Assistance and problem-solving services

There are no assistance or problem-solving services.

Further Service Points
Ombudsman service for the competent pension insurance institution

In order to facilitate understanding and improve readability, this section only refers to the widow's/widower's pension. However, the information provided also applies to surviving registered partners.

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