Orphan’s pension

General information

The orphan's pension is a benefit that ensures welfare provision for surviving children when an insured parent dies.




  • In the event of the death of an individual covered by pension insurance, the deceased must have completed a minimum amount of insurance periods under pension insurance depending on their age.
  • The orphaned child must be recognised as the child of the deceased in accordance with the ASVG.


The application must be submitted within six months following the death of the insured person in order for the pension claim to begin on the day following their death.


This six-month period will be extended as necessary in the event that a paternity test is required or where a legal guardian must be appointed.


If the application is submitted later, the pension will not usually be effective until the date of the application.

Exception: if an application for an orphan's pension is submitted within six months after the orphaned child's 18th birthday or within six months after they regain legal capacity, the pension shall be effective retroactively from the day following the death of the insured individual.

If the qualifying period has not been met but the deceased has completed at least one contribution month, a lump-sum settlement will be paid.

Competent authority

The insurer with which the insured person was mainly covered over the past 15 years


In order to draw an orphan’s pension, an application must be submitted.

Individuals are usually eligible for an orphan's pension for the period starting from the death of the insured person until their 18th birthday.

Once they turn 18, they will continue to receive the orphan's pension if the following conditions are met:

  • If the orphan is in full-time education or vocational training, they can continue to receive an orphan's pension until the age of 27. They must be pursuing these studies purposefully and in earnest.
  • If the orphan is performing activities under the Freiwilligengesetz.
  • In the case of incapacity for work, the orphaned individual will continue to receive the orphan's pension indefinitely (no age limit). However, the affliction underlying their incapacity to work must have arisen before their 18th birthday or during the time they were in education or vocational training.

Required documents

Application form "Orphan's pension (under 18)"German text  and "Orphan's pension (over 18)"German text


An informal written letter is also classed as an application. The form should then be submitted afterwards.

Costs and fees

There are no charges payable.

Further information

The basis for calculation of the orphan's pension is always a 60 percent widower's pension, egardless of whether such a pension is actually being drawn and the amount thereof.

The orphan's pension amounts to a certain percentage of th widower's pension. In the event of the death:

  • of one parent: 40 percent
  • of both parents: 60 percent.

No sickness insurance contributions are deducted from the orphan's pension, although they will still have sickness insurance cover.

Each month's pension payment is disbursed for the previous month on the first day of the following month. The pension payment for the months of April and October is doubled (special pension payment).

Legal basis

The relevant Pension Insurance Act that applies to your pension insurer (e.g. ASVG, GSVG, BSVG).

Link to form

Authentication and signature

Electronically: egistration using ID Austria (only possible with the Austrian Pension Insurance Fund PVA ) – Information on the changeover from mobile phone signature and citizen cards to ID AustriaGerman text.
In writing: informal letter (form to be submitted later).
In person: in this case, you should take with you the necessary documents, such as your birth certificate, birth certificates for your children, your residence registration form, your marriage certificate, where appropriate, and an identity document.

Means of redress or appeal

The insurance institution will make a decision on the pension application in an official notification. A complaint may be lodged with the competent Labour and Social Court within three months of delivery of the official notification.

Assistance and problem-solving services

Further service points

Ombudsman service for the competent pension insurance institution

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