Holiday work practice and social insurance

Holiday work experience trainees

'Genuine holiday work experience trainees' are school pupils and students who perform a required or standard activity as part of the curriculum and study regulations. Registration with the social insurance as an employee is only reimbursable if the holiday work experience trainee receives pocket money from the employer. If the marginal employment threshold is exceeded, the holiday work experience trainees are subject to full insurance (i.e. health, accident, pension and unemployment insurance). However, if the holiday work experience trainee does not receive pocket money, she/he only receives accident based on the statutory school pupil/student accident insurance scheme. No separate registration for accident insurance by the employer is required.

As a rule, the citizenship of school pupils attending school in Austria is irrelevant in terms of statutory accident insurance (Unfallversicherung). However, students studying at a domestic higher education institution are only insured against accidents at work if they hold Austrian citizenship.

Nationals of other countries are only treated as insured if there is a social security agreement (Sozialversicherungsabkommen) in place between Austria and the other country. For individuals from Switzerland or another EU/EEA member state, checks should be carried out to determine which country should be held responsible for dealing with any social-security related issues. This rule also applies to residents of "third countries".

Where students and pupils studying at educational institutions outside Austria undertake holiday work practice in Austria, checks must be carried out to ensure they have accident insurance in their home countries, and that this insurance will cover them for the duration of their stay in Austria.

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Holiday staff/workers

Holiday staff and workers are treated under social insurance law as 'normal' employees. This means that the holiday staff member/holiday worker musy be registered with the social insurance by the employer. Holiday staff and holiday workers must have full insurance (i.e. health, accident, pension and unemployment insurance), provided that the marginal employment threshold is exceeded. If their pay remains below the marginal employment threshold, they only received accident insurance.

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Unpaid trainees

Unpaid trainees must be provided with compulsory accident insurance through the employer. To do this, the employer must register the unpaid trainee with the General Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA). Generally, an informal letter stating the employment start and end dates and the insurance number of the unpaid trainee. The AUVA website also has a registration formGerman text available for download.

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