Holiday work placements and family allowance

If pay is earned for holiday work placement in the case of young people over the age of 19, this may result in the earning limit for family allowance being exceeded, meaning that the family allowance must be paid back at least in part. The earning limit is, starting from calendar year 2020, 15,000 Euro gross of taxable income per calendar year. If the amount of 15,000 Euro is exceeded, the amount by which the threshold was exceeded must be paid back.
If the earning limit is exceeded, family allowance must be reapplied for in the following year.

For young people under the age of 19, the earnings threshold does not apply.

Before the calendar year 2020 the earning limit was 10.000 Euro.


The child tax credit is linked to the family allowance; there may therefore be repayment obligations with this tax credit.

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Last update: 14 April 2022

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