Latest apps on "Social Affairs"

On this page you will find current apps on the topic of "Social Affairs" that have been created by various authorities and institutions.

AMS Job App

The App of the Public Unemployment Service Austria (→ AMS)German text provides all job offers from the AMS eJob-Room directly to the smartphone. If desired, a notification about new jobs is sent on a daily basis. TheAMS Job App for AndroidGerman text, the → AMS Job App for AppleGerman text and the AMS Job App for HuaweiGerman text can be found on the pages of the respective provider.

Kann ich Pflege

The App "Kann ich Pflege" of the Vienna Employment Promotion Fund (→ waff)German text provides information on the various social and care professions such as home help, care assistance, social care etc. The → "Kann ich Pflege" App for Android and the → "Kann ich Pflege" App for Apple can be found on the pages of the respective provider. You can also access the → "Kann ich Pflege" WebApp via the browser


The Lebensretter App of the Austrian Red Cross makes it possible to find first responders in the vicinity in case of an emergency and leads them directly to the person concerned. The Lebensretter App for Android and the Lebensretter App for Apple can be found on the pages of the respective provider.

LICA – Digital Support in everyday care and assistance

The LICA WebApp for digital support in everyday care and assistance offers a web-based documentation and support platform for the care of people at home. It also accompanies the user in emergencies and offers helpful tips for everyday care. The simple documentation of relevant information regarding care is possible in the  LICA Home WebApp in your browser and for increasing care efforts in the matching LICA Pro WebApp in your browser

Young Carers Austria

There are over 42,000 young carers in Austria. They provide household support, look after younger siblings, take on caring duties and bear a lot of responsibility. The "Young Carers Austria" app from the Ministry of Social Affairs (→ BMSGPK)German text provides information and an overview of support services in Austria. You can find important emergency numbers, contact addresses, an ABC with a search function and much more. The app is primarily aimed at young carers (children and young people), but also addresses their family environment, people in teaching and care professions as well as people interested in the topic.

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Last update: 10 November 2023

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