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Alerting emergency services quickly in an emergency can save lives. In particular, older people who live alone may find themselves unable to reach the phone, for example after a fall in their home, and may have to hold out for days without help.

To prevent such situations from arising there are a number of emergency call systems (such as "Hausnotruf", "Heimnotruf", or "Seniorenalarm") you can use to call for help by pressing a button, without having to dial a number. Once you press the button, you will be connected automatically to someone who can help you.

People who are deaf or have a hearing impairment can use the "Central Emergency Call for Deaf and Hearing Impaired People" anywhere in Austria. The service allows you to contact the police, fire brigade or ambulance service in case of an emergency using the e-mail address (gehoerlosennotruf@polizei.gv.at), by fax, or by sending a free SMS to 0800/133 133. The Vienna Association of the Deaf provides an emergency call form you can fax through and instructions on how to make an emergency SMS call on its website.

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