General information on own import of vehicles

The provisions outlined in this section apply to the own import of new and used vehicles into Austria by private individuals.

As the applicable taxation and approval obligations will vary depending on whether the vehicle (e.g. car or motorcycle) being imported is new or used, it is important to make a strict distinction between new and used vehicles.

New vehicles

A vehicle is deemed to be new if it has covered less than 6,000 km or it was first put into operation no more than six months prior to the time of purchase.


  • A car has 8,000 km on the clock, but was registered abroad for less than six months. This is regarded as a new vehicle, as no more than six months have passed between when it was first put into operation and when it was purchased.
  • It would also be considered a new vehicle if it had been registered for more than six months, but had only driven 5,000 km.

Used vehicles

A vehicle is deemed to be used if it has covered more than 6,000 km and it was first put into operation more than 6 months prior to the time of purchase.


Before importing a used vehicle, contact the general agentGerman text of the vehicle brand in Austria or the technical inspection centre of the relevant provincial government departmentGerman text to find out whether there is an EU type-approval for the vehicle or whether a single or exceptional approval can be issued.

Be aware when it comes to vehicle safety inspection intervals that even if the inspection interval applicable abroad is longer than in Austria, the Austrian inspection intervalGerman text applies.

Furthermore, a distinction must be made between the import of vehicles from EU countriesGerman text and the import of vehicles from third countriesGerman text.

Using a vehicle with foreign number plates in Austria

Generally speaking, vehicles with foreign number plates may be used in Austria, including by drivers with an Austrian driving licence.

Time limits

Vehicles imported by individuals with their main residenceGerman text or residenceGerman text in Austria may usually only be used without an Austrian vehicle registration certificateGerman text for one month after import.

Once this time period expires, the vehicle’s current registration documentGerman text and number plates must be handed in to the authority under whose jurisdiction the vehicle falls.

It is possible to extend this period by a further month if convincing arguments are provided as to why it was not possible to have the vehicle registeredGerman text in Austria during the initial one month period.

More detailed information on the subject of 'Driving with foreign number plates'German text can also be found at

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