Electronic identity (eID) of other EU Member States

National electronic identities (eIDs) can also be used for online applications from other EU member states

General information

One of the aims of the European eIDAS Regulation is to also be able to use national electronic identities (eIDs) for online applications of other EU Member States. It therefore regulates the cross-state acceptance of certain high-quality eIDs . The central eIDAS node of the Republic of Austria enables EU citizens to register for Austrian online applications with the electronic identity (eID) of their EU country of origin. The mutual recognition of national eIDs is gradually taking place in the EU.


EU citizens are forwarded to the central eIDAS node of the Republic of Austria if they have initiated a registration in an Austrian online application by clicking on "EU Login". The subsequent procedure is as follows:

  • An EU citizen selects a Member State.
  • He/she is then forwarded to the usual registration environment of the respective Member State.
  • There he/she can register with his/her eID as usual.
  • Following successful registration, the person is automatically forwarded to the online application (from which he/she came to this selection page) and registered there with the identity data of his/her eID.
  • At the same time, with the first registration, the EU citizen is entered in the Austrian supplementary register for natural persons (ERnPin this way with his/her eID data.
  • This means that he/she can also be successfully and clearly identified in the course of future registration processes for Austrian online applications.

List of eIDAS countries

  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Czech republic
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain

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Legal Basis

eIDAS Regulation (EU)

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