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The "KlimaTicket Ö" (Austria Climate Ticket) is accepted on all public transport throughout Austria for one year. It is valid for standard public transport services (state and privately-run rail services, inner-city transport services and routes run by transport associations), either within a given region, across multiple regions, or across Austria, depending on the individual ticket. Tourist offers such as Schneebergbahn are excluded.

They can be purchased at → KlimaTicket as well as at points of sale for all participating transport associations and companies. The standard price of a "Klimaticket Ö" is 1,095 Euro. Concessions are offered for people up to and including 25 years of age and those over the age of 65, well as for people with mobility difficulties. Special offers also apply to families.

When purchasing online, the earliest possible start of validity of the KlimaTicket Ö is 15 days after purchase. The ticket purchased at a service point can already be valid from the date of purchase. In both cases, however, the KlimaTicket Ö can be purchased a maximum of one month before the desired start of validity.

All basic military and civilian servants can travel free of charge throughout Austria with the KlimaTicket.


Employers have the option to buy "Klimatickets" for their employees tax-free as a preferential public transport ticket (tax-free weekly, motnly and annual tickets)German text or to reimburse their employees for the full purchase price, again tax-free. A requirement for the KlimaTicket is that the place of residence or work is in Austria.

Regional "Klimatickets"

In addition to the "KlimaTicket Ö", which is valid for the whole of Austria, Austria's individual provinces can also issue their own "Klimatickets", valid in one or more named provinces. Annual season tickets valid in specific provinces are already available.

Regional "Klimatickets" at a glance

The costs of Klimatickets or annual season tickets vary between provinces. Advance sales may begin (or have begun) prior to the official start dates for the relevant scheme. 


Holders of the KlimaTicket Ö can claim compensation if repeated delays or cancellations occur on the rail transport companies used (with the exception of urban transport and non-networked branch lines) during the period of validity of the ticket. Further information on passenger rights and compensation can be found at 

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