On-road practice – applying for a driving licence

General information

Before starting driving lessons, learners must submit a driving licence application to a driving school under the scheme for ‘training in accordance with Section 122 of the KFG  for all categories except A’ (‘L’ licence). This can be done at any driving school, so long as it is in Austria.

Although the application is submitted to a driving school, the procedure for issuing a licence falls under the responsibility of the driving licence authority in whose district the driving school in question is located.


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.


  • The applicant has reached the minimum age applicable for the relevant licence category or will reach it within sux months
  • Nomination of one or two supervisors who will be responsible for supervising the applicant during on-road practice sessions
  • If the on-road training supervisor is not the applicant’s legal guardian, the latter’s written permission is required
  • Medical certificate

Competent authority

For applications: a driving school (→ WKO)German text


At the driving school, the applicant’s personal information is entered directly in the driving licence register.

It is recommended to check the printout provided by the driving school to make sure your details are correct, so that no incorrect information appears on your driving licence. The printout must be signed.

Required documents

When applying at a driving school:

Upon request, the confirmation of registration can be obtained by the driving licence authority via a search in the Central Civil Register (ZMR).

For data protection reasons, the medical certificate should be submitted directly to the competent authority by post or in person before starting driving lessons, and at the latest before taking the driving test.

By the time of the theory test at the latest:

  • One photo (portrait, 35 mm x 45 mm) in which the applicant is clearly recognisable (if possible in line with passport photo criteria)

By the time of enrolment on the waiting list for the practical test at the latest:

Proof of completion of an emergency life-saving training course/first aid course

Costs and fees

The costs vary depending on the driving school (→ WKO)German text

Further information

Once a driving licence application has been submitted, learners can start pre-training and basic training at a driving school. Applicants may only submit an application to carry out on-road practice once they have completed their pre-training and basic training. The conditions to be met by persons wishing to supervise a learner driver can also be found at oesterreich.gv.at.

Legal basis

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