Minimum number of training sessions for the individual categories

Training at a driving school comprises both theory and practical lessons. Each session lasts 50 minutes.


In general,these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.


Detailed information about L 17 basic training at a driving school (B licence at 17) and about pre-training and basic training ('L') at driving school (on-road practice) can also be found at

Theory lessons

The theory lessons comprise a basic module for all licence categories (minimum of 20 sessions), and a category-specific module depending on the chosen category. The content of the category-specific modules is spread across the following minimum number of sessions:

Prescribed number of theory sessions for the relevant licence categories
(Sub-)categories Number of sessions included in the relevant category-specific module
A 6
B 12
BE 3
C1 8
C 10
C (extension of C1) 4
CE (C1E) or DE (D1E) 6
D1 (extension of B) 8
D1 (extension of C/C1) 4
D (extension of  B) 12
D (extension of  C) 4
D (extension of D1) 4
F 4

Practical lessons

The practical lessons comprise driving in the local area in heavy traffic (urban driving), driving on express roads (e.g. motorways, highways) as well as night driving. The minimum duration of the practical training is as follows:

Prescribed number of practical sessions for the relevant licence categories
(Sub-)categories Sessions
  • 14 sessions, 10 of which must be carried out on public roads
  • Candidates for a category A licence aged 39 or older must attend an additional 2 sessions on public roads. These extra sessions will cover how to handle the heavy motorcycles that fall under category A, as well as risk competence with these vehicles. In addition, individuals in this age category must undertake the final 4 sessions as a unit, most of which will be spent on roads outside of cities or towns
  • 3 sessions of pre-training
  • 3 sessions of basic training
  • 6 sessions of core training
  • 5 sessions of skill refinement training, including 3 sessions in special driving conditions:
    • 1 session: night driving
    • 1 session: motorway driving
    • 1 session: driving on country roads
    • The night driving can also be done during core training; however, the skill refinement training must still always comprise 5 sessions.
    • It is not necessary to do night driving as part of your driving school training if you have already done on-road practice (‘L’) in accordance with Section 122 of the Motor Vehicles Act (KFG).
  • 1 session of test preparation
B and BE In addition to category B, 4 sessions for BE
B and C/C1 20 sessions, of which 8 B and 12 C/C1
B and C/C1 and CE (C1E) 22 sessions, of which 8 B, 10 C and 4 CE/C1E
B and D/D1 20 sessions, of which 8 B and 12 D/D1
B and C/C1 and D/D1 26 session, of which 8 B, 10 C/C1 and 8 D/D11
B and C/C1 and CE (C1E) and D/D1 28 sessions, of which 8 B, 8 C/C1, 8 D/D1 and 4 CE/C1E
F 4 sessions

* Instead of attending core training for category B at a driving school, it is possible to do on-road-practice ('L') instead.

Practical training for categories C/C1 and D/D1 may only be undertaken after completing pre-training and basic training as well as one category B practice drive under special conditions (rural driving). The final training for category B (one night drive and one motorway drive) will only take place once the practical training for categories C/C1 and D/D1 has been fully completed.

Legal basis

Kraftfahrgesetz-Durchführungsverordnung (KDV)

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