General information about driving lessons

This information applies to all driving licence categories, even if the applicant already holds a driving licence and is extending that licence to include other categories (e.g. motorcycles, lorries).

The following options are available when learning to drive:

  • Full course at a driving school
  • Full course at a driving school in combination with officially authorised on-road training (L17 – B licence at 17)
  • Minimum basic training at a driving school in combination with officially authorised on-road-practice ("L") (not applicable for category A)

The law does not allow for theory or practical lessons in preparation for a driving test to be taken without attending a driving school at all.


Driving lessons can be taken at any driving school (→ WKO) in Austria. You can also submit your driving licence application there at the same time.

The procedure for issuing the driving licence falls under the responsibility of the driving licence authority in whose district the driving school in question is located.


These rules apply to all EU citizens applying for a driving licence in Austria. Driving licences must be obtained in the EU country in which the applicant can prove they have been resident for at least 185 days (approx. six months) over the past 12 months, or in which they intend to reside for at least 185 days or, if this cannot be proven, in the country to which they have the closest personal ties.

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