Emergency assistance – application

General information

Applications for emergency assistance only be made by coming in person or online through the eAMS account.


Unemployed persons who have exhausted their entitlement to unemployment allowance or a temporary allowance


Emergency assistance can only be provided if the unemployed person is available for placement and is in emergency circumstances.

Emergency circumstances are present when it is not possible for the unemployed person to satisfy her/his life necessities. When assessing the emergency circumstances, the unemployed person's overall economic circumstances must be taken into account.

For more information, see: Notstandshilfe – Allgemeines und AnspruchGerman Text


Emergency assistance must be applied for within five years since the last unemployment allowance or emergency assistance claim. This deadline may be extended if certain conditions are met.

Competent authority

The competent regional office of the AMS in each caseGerman text . This will usually be the office closest to where you live.


Applications can be submitted personally at the regional office of the employment service or online via the eAMS-account. If the application is submitted electronically, you must appear in person at the regional office within 10 days of electronic transmission. The AMS may waive the requirement to appear in person, particularly in the case of compelling reasons such as taking up employment or illness. 

After the application has been checked by the AMS, if the conditions are met, unemployment allowance is awarded and notification is sent, which in particular details the start date, end date and amount of the entitlement to unemployment allowance.

Required documents

You need to submit different documents depending on your individual situation. For details in this regard, enquire to the competent regional office of the AMS.

Costs and fees

There are no charges payable.

Further information

In certain cases (e.g. if a person has terminated their own employment relationship voluntarily), no emergency assistance will be paid out in the first four weeks from the end of employment. More detailed information about the so-called 'embargo period' can also be found at oesterreich.gv.at.

Unemployed persons retain health insurance while drawing emergency assistance. The health insurance fund will guarantee them and their family members the benefits to which people are entitled if they have health insurance based on an employment relationships (e.g. medical assistance, sick pay, etc.).

Anyone drawing emergency assistance can also earn money at the same time up to the marginal employment threshold. In this case, not only income from employment is counted, but also any other income (e.g. rental or land leasing income). If the person starts a new job, this circumstance must be reported to the AMS.

Emergency assistance and childcare benefits can generally be claimed at the same time. Detailed information on this subject can also be found at oesterreich.gv.at.

Online guide and calculator

Emergency assistanceGerman text

Further Links

Legal basis

Sections 33 and following of the Arbeitslosenversicherungsgesetz (AlVG)

Link to form

eAMS-accountGerman text

Authentication and signature

In person: Report to the competent regional office of the AMS

Electronically: Report using your eAMS-Account (→ AMS)German text (you can request login details on your eAMS-Account (→ AMS)German text, over the phone, by sending an e-mail to the regional AMS office, or via FinanzOnline (→ BMF)German text).

Means of redress or appeal

If you do not agree with the benefit awarded, you have the right within three months of receipt of notice to demand a decision regarding your entitlement to benefits. If no demand is made for a decision regarding your entitlement to benefits is received within three months of receipt of notice, this is considered decisive circumstances not subject to further legal recourse.

If the application is rejected, the unemployed person will be provided with a decision. Complaints against decisions of the regional offices can be filed within four weeks. The regional office may make a preliminary complaint decision within ten weeks. If the regional office does not issue a preliminary complaint decision or if a referral to the Federal Administrative Court is requested within two weeks, the Federal Administrative Court shall decide.

Assistance and problem-solving services

The AMS provides ombudsman services in each of Austria's provinces.

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