Emergency life-saving training/first aid course

In order to obtain a driving licence, you must provide evidence of having completed training in emergency life-saving or a first aid course.


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.

Minimum duration

Emergency life-saving training and first aid courses are usually organised by your driving school with an external provider.

The following are examples of institutions that offer first aid courses:

The 6-hour emergency life-saving training has unlimited validity.


Instruction in life-saving emergency measures is also offered by institutions that are not authorised to do so! These include, for example, Unfallhilfe Austria (UHA) or the KIRT association.

It is therefore strongly recommended that before attending a course offered by another provider (other than those listed above as authorised bodies), you make sure that the respective body is actually authorised to do so. Otherwise the course cannot be recognised and must be attended again!

Legal basis

Translated by the European Commission
Last update: 9 April 2024

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