Driving test

Theory test

The theory portion of the driving test consists of a computer-based test at the driving school (→ WKO)German text (available in German, English, Croatian, Slovenian and sign language). The practical driving test can only be taken once the theory test has been passed.

In order to take the theory test, you must provide a valid medical certificate and have completed theory lessons at a driving school.


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.


  • 11 Euro test fee for one vehicle category (first attempt)
  • 16.50 Euro test fee for two vehicle categories (first attempt)

Prohibition on resits

A 9-month prohibition on resitting the theory test will be imposed on candidates who, during the theory test:

  • use or have used non-permitted technical equipment; and
  • have used this equipment to obtain help from other persons not in the testing room; and
  • whose theory test was stopped for this reason (meaning the test could not be marked) and/or was marked as failed.

If the candidate has passed the theory test, she/he has 18 months to sit for the practical driving test, otherwise the theory test must be repeated.

Practical driving test

It is only possible to take the practical driving test once you have passed the theory test, and not before you have reached the minimum ages required to obtain the desired driving licence.

An interpreter may be requested for the practical part of the driving test.


  • 60 Euro per vehicle category and per attempt: for categories A, B, BE and F
  • 90 Euro for each of the other vehicle categories and sub-categories
  • 180 Euro for the combined practical test for categories C (C1) and D (D1) together with the test for acquiring a driver qualification certificate

Following the practical driving test, the examiner will provide the candidate with a temporary licence and a fee sheet. The test fees must be paid together with the licence fee using the payment slip provided.

If a test is taken in an automatic vehicle, the licence will be restricted to such vehicles (exception: category C, provided that the category B test was taken in a test vehicle with a manual gearbox).

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