Some families cannot rely on grandparents to help with childcare. This can make things difficult when parents need someone to look after the kids for an hour or so, pick them up from nursery or childcare, or keep them occupied if their parents have to work or want to go out for an evening.

This is where "grandparents for hire" (known as Leihomas or Leihopas) can help. As part of the scheme, families are assigned older people to help them, all of whom are in good physical and mental health. The aim of the schemes is to build a long-term, familiar relationship between the children, the parent(s), and the hired grandparent. Hired grandparents should become someone children can turn to, and someone who will give them their time and attention.


Grandmas-for-hire/Grandpas-for-hire should not be asked to help with household chores; their role should be limited to childcare only.

If you are interested in becoming a grandma-for-hire/grandpa-for-hire, you should contact your local grandparent service. An experienced member of staff will then arrange to meet you to assess whether you are suitable for what is a highly responsible role.

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Last update: 1 January 2023

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