Support and grant assistance for apprentices

In addition to their apprenticeship pay, which is paid by the training company, apprentices can apply for various forms of financial support and assistance at federal and provincial level to cover their expenses (living costs, travel to their place of training, accommodation where appropriate, further training, etc.).

Options include grants, subsidised further education courses and free annual season tickets for public transport. You can find detailed information on which forms of support you are eligible for and how to apply for them on the websites listed below:

Funding opportunities for apprenticeship-seekers and apprentices at federal level

There is also financial support available to apprenticeship-seekers and apprentices at provincial level:



  • Apprenticeship subsidies in CarinthiaGerman text
    Full details of subsidies for apprentices in Carinthia
  • Accommodation subsidy in CarinthiaGerman text
    Apprentices who require temporary accommodation in order to attend technical vocational school because it would not be reasonable to travel there from home can apply for a housing cost subsidy/accommodation subsidy.

Lower Austria

Upper Austria


  • Salzburg Apprenticeship GrantGerman text
    Grants for apprentices (depending on their family's financial situation and the apprentice's success in their studies)





  • Vienna Education AccountGerman text
    The waff Education Account supports job-related education and training for Viennese residents, whether they are in work or unemployed.
  • Education Bonus ViennaGerman text
    The education bonus is a benefit provided by waff, especially for graduates of an apprenticeship. Support is provided for job-related further education courses.
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