Waste collection

General information

Depending on the statutory requirements in your Federal Province, it may be necessary to submit a written request for the initial provision of waste containers and the inclusion of your property in regular waste collection.

For the collection of bulky waste, it is usually necessary to arrange a separate date with the competent authority. Bulky waste is defined as waste that does not fit into public waste bags even after reasonable crushing (e.g. mattresses, washbasins, windows, sports goods, garden furniture, floor covering rolls, plastic pipes). In most cases, the collection of bulky waste is subject to a fee.

Competent authority


In some municipalities, waste is collected by private companies. It is advisable to contact the municipality about the matter.

Costs and fees

  • Submitting a request for waste disposal is free of charge.
  • The charges for supplying the respective waste containers vary.

Further information

For new buildings, the designated area for the waste containers must be included and indicated in the application for a building permit. It is advisable to plan the location of the refuse bins so that it is possible for them to be emptied without the presence of occupants.

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