Voting eligibility – Other EU citizens with main residence in Austria

General information


EU citizens without Austrian citizenship who have their main residence in Austria can vote for the Austrian members of the European Parliament in the European elections on June 9, 2024. The prerequisite for this is to be registered in the European voter register. Applications for registration in the European voter register have to be made with the municipality of one’s main residence. The deadline is the cut-off day of the European elections, that is March 26, 2024.

Non-Austrian EU citizens are generally entitled to vote in municipal elections in Austria (or in Vienna in district representation elections) and in European elections.

In order to be able to vote in municipal elections (in Vienna: district representation elections), you are usually officially registered in the local electoral register of your main municipality of residence. For European elections, you must apply to be entered in the European voter register in order to vote for the Austrian members of the European Parliament. At each European election, the current European electoral roll is drawn up on the basis of the European electoral register.


For inclusion in the European electoral register:

  • your main residence must be located in an Austrian municipality,
  • and you should not have been disqualified from voting in your country of origin as a result of a civil or criminal law decision in an individual case.


For elections to the European Parliament, non-Austrian EU citizens are entitled to vote to select the Austrian Members of the European Parliament or the representatives of their country of origin. When submitting a request for entry in the European electoral register in Austria, you must provide a formal, signed declaration that you wish to vote to select the Austrian Members of the European Parliament.

An application for entry in the European electoral register can be made at any time. Your entry will remain valid for the duration of your stay in Austria (uninterrupted primary residence).

Competent authority

The municipalityGerman text, in which the applicant’s main residence is located

Required documents

If you are submitting a written request, copies of these documents may also be enclosed.


Upon request, it is possible for the authority to obtain the confirmation of registration via a search in the Central Civil Register.

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Last update: 8 May 2024

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