General information on keeping dogs in a species-appropriate manner

Dogs may not be kept - even temporarily - on a chain or in any other tethered condition. However, tethering a dog for a short period of time in front of a store (e.g., while shopping) is permitted.

Collars that cause pain (such as prong collars, coral collars) or electrifying as well as chemical dressage devices may not be used.

Coral collars may be used by specially trained people - with due regard to proportionality - when training service dogs of the security authorities or the Austrian Armed Forces.

Registration in the pet database is mandatory. Please enter the chip number in the search function of the pet database to check if your dog is already registered! For more information on the chip obligation and registration options, please visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection under "FAQ Chippflicht".

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Legal sources

TierschutzgesetzGerman Text
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