Up-to-date information on camping, camping in the forest, camping outside the forest area

Camping in the forest is regulated uniformly for the whole of Austria: The forest may be entered in principle for recreational purposes, but "use" of the forest, e.g. camping in the dark or camping, is expressly prohibited. Camping in the forest is only permitted if the consent of the forest owner has been obtained. Detailed information on the subject of "camping in the forest" can also be found on

Camping outside the forest area, on the other hand, is not uniformly regulated in Austria. Regulations, e.g. on camping outside campsites or on parking mobile homes and caravans, can be found mainly in individual provincial laws (but not in all states). In some of these, municipal councils are also empowered to enact ordinances relating to camping. Thus, many of these ordinances determine in which places of the respective municipality camping outside campgrounds is allowed or prohibited.

Below are links to the general regulations of each state:

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Last update: 17 January 2023

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