Drinking and driving

In most cases, the standard legal maximum blood alcohol level of 0.5 mg/100 ml applies. However, in some specific circumstances, this limit may be reduced to 0.1 mg/100 ml or below.


To convert the level of alcohol on your breath (as measured by a breathalyser) to the level of alcohol in your blood (as measured by a blood test), double the breath alcohol reading. For example, if a breathalyser shows your alcohol level as 0.25 mg/l, this means your blood alcohol level will be 0.5 mg/100 ml.

The table below lists each individual licence category, and the probationary period in which the blood alcohol limit of 0.1 mg/100 ml applies:

0.1 mg/100 ml limit by licence type and validity
Licence category Time period
Category AM
  • Until the holder reaches the age of 20
Provisional driving licence
(all categories except AM und F)
  • For as long as you hold a provisional licence
  • For A1 and L17 licences, at least until the holder reaches the age of 21
Provisional licence for standard driving lessons ("L")
  • During all driving lessons (applies to the driver and the passenger)
Provisional licence for driving lessons on multiple categories of road L17
  • During all driving lessons (applies to the driver and the passenger)
Driving lessons provided by a certified instructor
  • During all driving lessons (applies to the driver and the driving instructor)
Category C
  • At all times
Category D
  • At all times
Category F
  • Until the holder reaches the age of 20

For drivers transporting schoolchildren

  • At all times

Driving licence-holders who drive or operate a vehicle after they have consumed alcohol and with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit for their licence category are liable to be issued with an administrative penalty. Depending on the level of alcohol in the blood, this may be a recordable offence (Vormerkdelikt) or lead to suspension of their driving licence (if the level of alcohol in the blood is above 0.8 mg/100 ml).

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Additional costs may be associated with additional training or psychological assessments for driving.

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