L17 – applying for a driving test

General information

Driving tests are comprised of a theory portion and a practical portion.

Once learners have completed a course of theory lessons at a driving school and have provided a valid medical certificate, they can take a theory test.

Learners can take the practical portion of the driving test as of their 17th birthday.

Tests will be organised by the driving school.


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.


Practical driving test


The period between passing the theory test and taking the practical test may be no longer than 18 months, otherwise the theory test will become invalid.

Competent authority


In the case of State Police Departments, it is recommended to make an appointment online if you have to go to the authorities.

A list of driving licence authorities in Austria can be found here.


The theory portion of the driving test consists of a computer-based test (available in German, English, Croatian, Slovenian and sign language).

Once learners have passed their theory test, they can take their practical driving test. They will be tested by an examiner from the competent authority, and may choose to either do their test in a training vehicle from the driving school (→ WKO) or in their own training vehicle. Their supervisor must also be present during the test.


If learners wish to use their own training vehicle for the test, it must be a four-door vehicle with a maximum design speed of at least 100 km/h.

If a driving test is taken in an automatic vehicle, the licence obtained will be restricted to such vehicles.

After a driving licence has been issued, the special plates (‘L17’ plates) no longer need to be used.

Detailed information about L17 – after the practical driving test can also be found at oesterreich.gv.at.

Required documents

Costs and fees

  • Theory test: 11 Euro
  • Practical test: 60 Euro

Legal basis

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