L17 – training vehicle set-up

The training vehicle does not need to meet any specific criteria (e.g. regarding the hand brake, ignition switch or gearbox) in order to be used for on-road training under the ‘early permission to drive category B vehicles’ scheme (B licence at 17, ‘L17’). It is also possible to use multiple vehicles as training vehicles.


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.

If the training vehicle is not registered to the applicant or their supervisor, the registration holder of the vehicle must provide written consent for it to be used for training and driving tests.

Special plates for on-road training:

Front and rear of vehicle:

  • Blue plate with ‘L17’ in white lettering (size: 160 mm x 160 mm)
  • White plate with Ausbildungsfahrt (In Training) in black lettering

The supervisor must ensure that the necessary plates are attached to the vehicle during on-road training. L17 plates are available from driving schools (→ WKO)German text and other outlets. It is also permissible for on-road training to use the sign for on-road practice.


Before you go on your first on-road training drive, it is advisable to contact the vehicle insurer to notify them that the vehicle is being used by an L17 applicant.

If a driving test is taken in an automatic vehicle, the licence obtained will be restricted to such vehicles.

The form Declaration of consent for on-road practice/training and driving testsGerman text ('Zustimmungserklärung für Übungs-/Ausbildungs-/Prüfungsfahrten') can be downloaded from oesterreich.gv.at.

Translated by the European Commission
Last update: 10 April 2024

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