Medical certificate

General information

Before obtaining a driving licence, applicants must present a medical certificate to the driving licence authority demonstrating that they are fit to drive motor vehicles. The medical certificate may not have been issued more than 18 months before the licence is granted.

A physical examination by a military doctor has also been recognised as equivalent for the purpose of obtaining a civilian driving licence. However, the relevant form provided by the Federal Ministry of Defence must be used.


If, based on their medical examination, it is noted on an individual’s driving licence that they must wear glasses (code 01.01), they may not wear contact lenses instead (code 01.02). If the licence holder will be wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, the code on their driving licence must be changed. If they wish to wear either glasses or contact lenses, the code on their driving licence must also be changed (to code 01.06). Detailed information about driving licence codes can also be found at


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.

Costs and fees

  • 35 Euro for examination for categories A (A1, A2), B, BE and F
  • 50 Euro for examination for categories C (C1), D (D1), CE (C1E), DE (D1E)
  • 130 Euro for traffic psychology screening for category D

Applicants for a category D licence must also undergo traffic psychology screening.

Further information

The medical certificate must be drawn up by an authorised and qualified doctor. They will assess the applicant’s health in order to determine whether they are fit to drive (this is commonly referred to as a ‘driving licence examination’). The applicant may not have been treated by the doctor in question in the past five years (due to rules on the use of family doctors).

You may visit a doctor in any federal province within Austria. Click on one of the following links to view a list of all qualified doctors in a particular federal province:

If your federal province is not listed here, you can contact the competent authorityGerman text or your driving school (→ WKO)German text to obtain a list of the doctors authorised to perform this examination. Information can also be found on the website Fahrschulsuche (→ BAWS Websolutions GmbH).

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