Loss of documents

If you lose your ID documents, we recommend you complete a lost property report. This will make it easier to return the lost document(s) to you if they are found later on.

To replace lost documents, you should contact the relevant government authority authorised to issue replacements (this will depend on the type of document lost) and show them the confirmation that you have reported the item(s) lost.

Replacement registry office documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates etc.) can often be issued without confirmation that they have been reported as lost. For full details, contact the relevant authority

A duplicate of a lost divorce decree can be issued by the relevant court without confirmation that the original has been reported lost.

If you lose your proof of citizenship, it is recommended that you apply for new documents immediately, because they are required for various official procedures (e.g. issuing a first passport).

If you lose your confirmation of residence for registration purposes (Bestätigung der Meldung) you can request confirmation of your registration status or a new copy of your confirmation of residence.

If you lose your e-card contact your health insurance provider on +43 050 124 33 11 (calls from Austria are charged at local rate). The health insurer will then issue you with a duplicate.


If you need a duplicate of a certificate, an insurance policy, etc., you should contact the institution or body that issued the original document.

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Last update: 9 February 2023
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