Loss of personal belongings

It is very common for personal belongings to go missing on public transport. If you believe you have lost a personal item (for example, keys, wallets, mobile phones, handbags, jewellery or luggage) on public transport, there are a number of offices you can contact, as set out at the links below:

You can also search for your missing item(s) in the central lost property database at fundamt.gv.atGerman text , and officially report it as lost using the electronic system. If an item matching one you have reported missing is subsequently handed in, you will receive a notification from the lost property office.

Public transport

If you lose an item on public transport, you should contact the transport operating company's head office or main call centre immediately.


If you lose an item on a service operated by Wiener Linien , you should contact the MA 48 Main Lost Property Office (Zentrale Fundservice der MA 48) using their hotline on +43 1 4000-8091.

Please be aware that different operators hold lost property for different periods of time before disposing of it. As an example, this is how Wiener Linien handles lost property: After two to three working days, lost property is forwarded on to the Main Lost Property Office( (→ City of Vieanna)German text. Once there, all items (including keys, jewellery, valuables and other items) are held for a period of half a year, items worth more than 100 Euro for one year. If they have still not been claimed after one year, any items that can be sold on will be made available to the Dorotheum auction house in Vienna.


Items handed in at larger airports will be retained for a year. Smaller airports may forward lost property to their local Lost Property Authority.


If your luggage gets lost because of a mistake by the airline, you should contact the airline to retrieve it.

If any passports, ID or other official documents issued in Austria are handed in within Austria, they will be forwarded to the lost property authority unless their owners can be conclusively identified. Any documents issued by another country will be forwarded to that country's representative authorities in Austria.

Lost property offices/counters at airports do not accept or process official lost property reports. Nor will they inform you if an item you lost at the airport is later found and handed in. Instead, it is down to the item's owner to contact the office by phone to check whether their missing item has been found.

If you wish to file a lost property report, please contact the local Lost Property Authority.

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)

If you lose something on a train, you should contact the conductor on the train in the first instance. Any items found are retained for an initial period of two to three weeks at the station at which they were handed in. If items are handed in at a station, a request will be sent to all the other stations on the network with a view to finding the rightful owner of the item(s) concerned as soon as possible.

Mungo's Lost + Found Service Centre, which is run by ÖBB, may be able to help you locate lost property.

If any identity papers and/or other personal documents, bank cards or wallets/purses are found on the railway, they will be forwarded by the ÖBB lost property office to the magistrate's Lost Property Service of the magistrate or the municipality within a few working days.

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