Issue of permission for removal of a body / laissez-passer for a corpse

General information

When removing a body (within a federal state, to another federal state or abroad), you should contact the relevant authority to obtain more detailed information.

A body may only be removed by an authorised undertaker.

To transfer a body abroad, a multilingual laissez-passer for the corpse must be issued. What documents, if any, are required for the transfer abroad will depend on the rules of the country of destination.

Information on bringing a body home from abroad can also be found on the ‘Deaths/burial abroad’ page at


Competent authority

For removal within a federal state:

For removal from one federal state to another:

For transfer abroad:


Depending on the federal stateGerman text, you must either apply for permission for the removal or notify the relevant authority of the removal. For transfer abroad you must apply for a laissez-passer for the corpse at the relevant authority.

You can apply for permission or notify the authority in person, or you can ask the undertaker to do it.

Required documents

Certificate accompanying the body (issued at the inspection of the body)

Costs and fees

The costs may vary from one federal state to another. Please contact the relevant authority or the undertaker.

Further information

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Austrian undertakers’ website (→ text

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