Emergency numbers

I need the telephone number of the rescue service, fire brigade, emergency medical service, poisoning centre, for help with gas problems, the police, mountain rescue, repatriation services and others

You can find additional links for disaster relief and civil protection on oesterreich.gv.at, under "Katastrophenfälle".


Deaf and hearing-impaired persons can use the → smartphone App DEC112 to contact the police (112 and 133), ambulance (144), fire-brigade (122) and mountain-rescue (140) via a text-based emergency call (DEC112). If a voice or text-based emergency call is not possible in the event of acute danger (violence in the private sphere), a "silent emergency call" can be sent to the police via the DEC112 app. To do this, the exact address must be stored in the app or entered in the chat. Regardless of this, it is still possible to use the police's deaf service on 0800 133 133.

Emergency numbers

  Telephone number
Single European emergency number 112 
Fire service 122 
Gas emergency 128 
Police 133 
Mountain rescue 140  
Emergency doctor 141 
Crisis hotline 142 
Ambulance service 144
Emergency services for children and young people 147 
Poison centre 01 406 43 43 


The emergency numbers can be called free of charge from any phone in Austria (European emergency number: from any EU country). The European 112 emergency number can also be called from locked mobile phones (without needing to enter a PIN).


Crisis assistance Upper Austria - crisis hotline 0732 2177
The employees of the crisis assistance Upper Austria and of the crisis intervention team of the red cross are available to you with feelings of loads and excessive demands at the "Crisis assistance Upper Austria - crisis hotline" 24 hours daily under the Hotline 0732/2177 or in the context of online crisis consultation under krisenhilfeooe.atGerman text.

Service lines

  Telephone number
Pharmacy services 1455
Patient transport 1484-(x)
(only works with the extension for the respective patient transport service; only available in some regions)
Regional alert centresGerman text
SMD – Sozial Medizinischer Dienst (Socio-medical Service) 050 141
Austrian health hotline 1450

Helplines for social matters

  Telephone number
Hotline for missing children 116 000
Helpline for crime victims 116 006
Non-emergency medical assistance 116 117
Emotional support helpline 116 123

Rescue and repatriation services

  Telephone number
Air Ambulance in Vienna domestic: 1 800 424 9000 (international: 1 832 900 9000)
Medical Air Ambulance Service Austria 01 662 50 50 
Tyrol Air AmbulanceGerman text 0512 22 422 100 
FAA Flight Ambulance Austria 01 996 50 00

Ambulance and patient transport services

  • Rotes Kreuz (→ ÖRK)German text
    Rotes Kreuz, or the Red Cross, provides ambulance and medical services. It also has a disaster relief service, which is on standby 24/7 for operations in Austria and abroad.
  • Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs (→ ASBÖ)German text
    Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Österreichs is a voluntary association that provides social, ambulance and medical services. It specialises in maritime rescue.
  • → Die JohanniterGerman text
    Die Johanniter provide ambulance and patient transport services, home healthcare services, social services and disaster relief.
  • → Grünes KreuzGerman text
    This non-profit association provides ambulance, patient transport and medical services throughout Austria.
  • → Verein Grünes Kreuz SteiermarkGerman text
    Verein Grünes Kreuz Steiermark is the second-largest ambulance and patient transport service in the Austrian province of Styria.
  • Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria (→ MHDA)German text
    Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria was set up in the wake of the Hungarian revolution of 1956 and, in line with the mission of the Order, is still actively involved in disaster and civil protection today.
  • Sozial Medizinischer Dienst Österreich (→ SMD)German text
    SMD helps people in emergency situations and looks after those who are ill and in need of care.
  • → Wiener BerufsrettungGerman text
    Wiener Berufsrettung carries out rescue operations as part of the Vienna rescue association and provides assistance in the event of disasters.
  Telephone number
 ARBÖGerman text breakdown service 123 
ÖAMTCGerman text breakdown assistance 120 

Doctors, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, etc.

The → Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs offers a service to → find a doctor abroad.

You can use the ApothekerkammerGerman text website to find a pharmacy (→ Apothekerkammer)German text.

The Austrian health portal gesundheit.gv.atGerman text provides information on health and healthcare services. It also offers the following search functions:


Competent ministries

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