Driving licences in the EU

Within the EEA, driving licences issued by a competent authority in another EEA country (EU Member States, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway) are deemed equivalent to national driving licences.

As a result, if you move your place of residence to another EEA country, you do not need to convert your licence. The authorities in your new country of residence may, however, apply national provisions relating to validity, medical examinations and taxation to holders of driving licences from other EEA countries.

Conversion not mandatory for Austrian driving licences

When travelling elsewhere in the EU, there is no obligation to convert your old paper licence into an EU driving licence (photocard licence). However, holders of an Austrian licence who do wish to convert their licence to a photocard driving licence must visit their local driving licence authority in person.

Further information about converting EU/EEA driving licences and other foreign licences can be found under EU photocard driving licence – general information, EU photocard driving licence – how to apply and Foreign driving licences – conversion at oesterreich.gv.at.

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Sections 23 and 33 of the Führerscheingesetz (FSG)

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