International driving licence

General information

The international driving licence is a supplementary document to your national driving licence that authorises you to drive vehicles outside of the EEA. Certain countries, as well as certain rental car companies, require you to carry an international driving licence. This licence contains all the data found on a normal driving licence in various languages, and is only valid in conjunction with your national driving licence.


In general, these rules also apply to EU citizens in Austria.


In order to obtain an international driving licence, you require a valid national driving licence.


International driving licences are valid for one year, but only in conjunction with a national driving licence.

Competent authority

Motorists’ associations authorised to issue international driving licences:  → ARBÖGerman text, → ÖAMTCGerman text, → VCÖGerman text

Required documents

Costs and fees

There are costs associated with acquiring an international driving licence. You can contact the motorists’ associations authorised to issue the licence for more information about the fees charged. Members of those associations benefit from cheaper fees.

Further information

In certain countries, all that is required is a translation of your original driving licence in an international language (English). However, this translation is only valid in conjunction with your original driving licence. As such, you should always carry your Austrian driving licence when abroad. A small number of countries do not accept either national or international driving licences, but require drivers to hold documents issued by those countries themselves. These documents can be easily obtained there. However, in case of doubt, it is generally advisable to contact a motorists’ association and/or the relevant embassy before setting off in order to enquire about driving licence recognition.

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Legal basis

 section 33 of the Führerscheingesetz (FSG) 

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