Snowed-in traffic signs and road markings

Round traffic signs that are completely covered by snow or ice and therefore not legible, cannot be recognized and are not valid. However, if traffic signs are recognizable by their external shape (e.g. triangular "give priority" sign or octagonal "stop" sign), they must be observed.


A round traffic sign that is not completely but only partially covered by snow and is still recognizable is valid.
In the case of completely snow-covered traffic signs, the behavior of other road users should in any case also be taken into account.

If road markings are completely covered by snow and therefore not recognizable, they are only not valid if there is only the marking and not additionally e.g. a corresponding traffic sign. If the roadway is covered by snow and directional arrows are not recognizable as a result, the general driving rules of the StVO apply.

Short-term parking zones also apply if the associated ground markings are covered by snow; they are always indicated by corresponding traffic signs. In case of heavy snowfall, however, the short parking zone regulations may be suspended. 

Legal basis

Straßenverkehrsordnung (StVO)

Last update: 21 May 2024

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