Disability Identity Card

Up-to-date information on the Disability Identity Card, proof of disability across Austria, and the requirements for obtaining a Disability Identity Card

General information

The Disability Identity Card is a form of official photo ID. It serves as proof of disability across Austria (regardless of the nature of the disability concerned). Since 1 September 2016, this document has been issued in the form of a card, with the text written in German. Identity cards issued for an unlimited period of time under the previous legal framework remain valid. Existing entries in identity cards remain unaffected. Older cards are still in circulation and have not been systematically replaced

Having a Disability Identity Card does not entitle you to any financial benefit. However, presenting the card as proof of disability does entitle you to concessionary prices at various events. If the degree of your disability has been assessed at 70 per cent or above, you can also claim a 50 per cent discount on rail fares with Austrian Federal Railways.


The Disability Identity Card can be claimed by people

People with disabilities who are resident outside Austria abroad but stay in Austria regularly for professional or private reasons can also apply for an Austrian Disability Identity Card.

Competent authority

Regional Office of the Sozialministeriumservice (→ SMS)German text


If the degree of your disability has not already been determined and evidenced by an official assessment, notification or decision, a doctor from the relevant regional office of the Sozialministeriumservice will assess the degree of your disability. As far as possible, the doctor will not carry out a physical examination to do this; they will assess your disability on the basis of available medical findings/opinions in accordance with the Einschätzungsverordnung.

Required documents

Additional information

Applicants have the right to appeal a decision by the Sozialministeriumservice not to issue a Disability Identity Card to the Federal Administrative Court. Appeals must be submitted within six weeks of the decision being delivered.

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